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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010.Time to change for the better.

But for the fact that I failed to keep my promise of being regular and punctual, the year 2010 did seem to start on a positive note.

The rising of the Indian people against DGP Rathore is certainly a good and healthy indication. Kudos to Aradhana Gupta, a friend of late Ruchika who fought a relentless battle against the former DGP. The other day, when the legal expert Ram Jethmalani angrily remarked that neither the media nor the people were following any correct procedure. She was quick to reply that a common man does not understand the legal language which is often confusing. I could not help but marvel at the way she kept her cool. This, especially when she saw her friend Ruchika committing suicide because of lack of justice. Yes, here was a young woman in her early 30's who fought the ugly world without giving up.

Well truly, harassment, cruelty and sadism have to be dealt with strongly. Be it a man or a woman. Every human being on this earth has a right to live a life of dignity and happiness. And we don't need a UN to tell us this. We should realize it ourselves.

As I say these big talks, the death of more than 100 people in the recent cold wave in India is shocking. My husband happened to tell me this when I was laying the table for dinner. It was just bad! Afterwords when I sat reflecting on this all, the advice of my father in childhood came rushing to me yet again. "You know, your grandmother was not very learned in the true sense. Probably just First or Second class Pass. But when I picked up my first job she said one thing. Your salary is not yours entirely." Your family, neighbours and those around you have a certain share in it. And I have not forgotten these words!"My father concluded.

Certainly a very difficult thought to understand. I don't remember seeing my grandmother. It must have been somewhere in late 1940's or early 50's when she said this to my dad. But,I really don't think I ever comprehended the meaning. Till I think yesterday when I felt miserable. Somewhere I felt guilty too. Let's face it, I have not been a very good human being. I have been too busy in my own challenges and difficulties to pay attention to others. But maybe I can still help whenever possible? I can always try. For all I know in these deaths, we may have lost some good teacher, scientist, doctor...

Oh God give me the strength and will to rise above myself and do something for my fellow brethren. Amen.

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