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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Woman. Scheming...intelligent...Helpless?

The molestation of a tribal girl by hundreds of men in W. Bengal, virtually sent me into a 'no-mood' zone for some days.
Me thinks, God must be brooding over his creation called 'woman'. It is really puzzling! There are some women who are scheming. They end up breaking homes. Some are beautiful & intelligent. They rise like Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Indra Nooyi and others. Some are very helpless. Those in this category get raped or sold in the brothels. How and why this happens. God only knows.
That's how how I feel when I read such news. As a layman I sit, brood, feel miserable and then hope for some miracle. But not this time. I suppose it was much to do with what I read recently. It so happened that I came across Aishwarya Rai's interview a month ago in which she remarked that when in school she had boys trailing her home. That made her responsible at an early age. The statement didn't exactly click immediately. But today, I think I understand what she meant. It's simple. She learned to take care of herself very early. More than that, she learned to gauge a problem.
Sure, the credit goes to Aishwarya Rai. But that's not all. I feel that the credit goes to her mother also. For, so much sensibility couldn't have come otherwise. Which is why today, I wish to appreciate and draw lessons from the lives of all great women. From Jhansi ki Rani to Kareena Kapoor, from Indra Nooyi to several other village girls who have grown up in this big, bad world unscathed. I also wish to salute the family elders who did not show cowardice in the face of any difficulty. In fact, they were alert and cautious.
I have all sympathies for the poor 17 year old tribal girl. I wish the family all strength to fight the system. I would also like them to bring the village surpanch to books who was conveniently not present that fateful day!. I also pray to God to help the girl rise so high that no one will be able to hurt her in future. But whatever! Such stories are hair raising. I wouldn't like to read them any time. Nor would I like anyone to ever suffer a similar fate.
I wish mothers would learn to be more alert, tactful and firm while bringing up their daughters? Being scheming is an evil, but being watchful as also explaining good and bad to their daughters could help? The girls, too, could learn to pay heed to the advice of their mothers? At least till law and order improves in our country?
I wonder if I am speaking in the right language and in the right media! Basically because most of these dreaded stripping incidents take place in villages.
And so back to square one I guess!

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