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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some skeletons are best left in the cupboard!

It seems a lady who watched Rupa Ganguly talk truth in the serial " Sach Ka Samna" committed suicide, as she felt the actress's life closely resembled hers. It's really sad.
Frankly, I have not dared to see a single episode of this serial, though I have maximum regards for Siddarth Basu, the producer of the Indian serial and a well- known quiz master. That's my nature I guess! I like to see people talking, sounding and exuding hope. And so I watch Khans', Nandan Nilekeni and such. And I try to take winning tips from them.
I used to watch 'Ladies Special' on Sony earlier. But now I have stopped. I couldn't accept Harsh Chaya in a confirmed negative role, nor could I bear to see the girl Geetika constantly falling in some trap or the other.
For God sake, touch upon a problem and show a solution. You don't have to tell us that life is difficult. We are living life too.
I think I will stop here. I feel miserable already!

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