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Monday, October 5, 2009


Politics at workplace; politics in friend circle; politics at home amidst relatives; and politics everywhere! And for sure politics will never end. Thanks to human nature.

Ever since I joined this agency I have been telling my junior ( also, my student in college) not to fret about someone who shirks work. Also, not to despair and fall victim to evil plans of some instigator. For often the instigator has his own interests in mind. As is true, a job shirker eventually meets his fate. But somehow I have not succeeded. And so last few days I am seeing my junior lose interest in work. It's affecting her creativity.... Let's hope she sees sense.

But, the same thing is there everywhere. The other day, I happened to see Mr. Raj Thackeray and his wife Sharmila on TV. The great Marathi politician, devoted entirely to the cause of Maharashtra! But how come his wife has a non- marathi name? And for the little glimpse I got, I felt she was dressed in salwar-kameez ( a punjabi attire)! Or was I dreaming? But whatever- Wake up innocent Maharashtrians. Work hard and get the jobs you deserve. This pampering by Raj Thackeray and such could just make you worthless and no good eventually. Remember, too much pampering spoils a child.

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