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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So I am back after a nice holiday. It was fun catching up with all the relatives. Talking on all subjects under the sun--Life, marriage, children, rising costs, etc.,etc...
Interestingly, the topic that had everyone talk fervently was 'IAS or IIM ?' This happened when my son professed that he wanted to crack the IAS in the near future. Oh well ! If only the Social Science people had seen the reaction. It was truly mixed. If the elders (the senior citizens ) nodded in consent, those belonging to our generation seemed dismayed. Likewise , the juniors seemed aghast at the decision. The announcement, to them, seemed out of place most certainly. And truly too! When the entire country was under the spell of IIM, here was someone talking about a near extinct profession called the IAS! A profession which in today's world signals "sycophancy, irregular promotions, corruption, and salaries far, far less than the MBA's."
But seeing my son determined as ever, acceptance seemed the only likable choice. So be it!
Frankly I, too, felt proud to see my son stand up for a cause. But, alas! How short lived it all seems now. There are chances of the recently declared IAS results being revised, that is, if the Apex Court decides so. This is following the judgement of Madras High Court which has increased the reservation quota. Well, once again proves true that," there's many a slip between a cup and a lip". For, some general category students are likely to be thrown out this way. Whatever, it is not right to make changes in the eleventh hour.

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