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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wing Cdr Abhinandan. Indian Media gave many a scary moment.

What a relief Wing Cdr. Abhinandan Varthaman is back. Those were difficult days from  27th Feb. to 1st March'19. To make matters worse, some TV anchors were loud and extremely hollow. Just anything could have happened. And rightly so, the release was delayed by several hours. Instead of 2.30 pm, Wing Cdr. Abhinandan  was released at 9.20 pm, Indian Standard Time. 
Wonder why the Supreme Court or senior authorities did not raise objection? Sarabjit Singh case couldn't have been forgotten so fast. 
Sarabjit Singh was not an armed forces man. But he was an Indian nonetheless. His folly was that he accidentally entered the enemy country. Since then the Indian Government was making continuous efforts to bring him back. In 2012, there came a ray of hope in the form of news that Sarabjit Singh would be released the next day. The country was jubilant. As expected, our media took to loud-mouthing. Sarabjit’s family distributed sweets and waited eagerly to receive him the next day. That’s when the enemy country took a U-turn and released Surjit Singh instead! Yet another Indian. Yes, good that Surjit Singh came home. It would have been better still if both had returned home together!  But that did not happen and Sarabjit Singh died in 2013.
Yet another thing that nobody noticed was that we stood the risk of losing the support of other countries because of our loud-mouthed media. 
Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Press (Media) are four strong pillars of Democracy. And each should be a check on others.
Anyway, it's good that Wing Cdr. Abhinandan Varthaman is back and as per the reports he is doing well. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Will you be born again?

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee is no more! Our former Prime Minister is dead. It's very difficult to imagine that he is not among us now. A learned man and gentleman to the core. A man with a spotless character. 
I bow to his mother who brought him up so well. 
But more than that, I just wish to ask him," Will you be born once again? We need you Sir. We need you."