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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Software Engineer's Suicide in Indore recently

We Indorians woke up to a hair raising terrible news on 18th Nov.'10. A software engineer committed suicide in his office cabin, much to the shock of his female colleague who was sitting barely a few steps away and enjoying a good lunch.
The office people have attributed it to a failed love-affair. The mother feels  that it was the result of harassment at work. Surprising,  because he was a capable man holding a senior position in the office and had recently earned praises for a project well done. 
Whatever, the newspapers covered the story for 2 days and then moved on to other pastures. A real sad end to a suicide! Basically, because Amit Kopargaonkar's suicide has failed to deliver any message. Neither the girl nor the IT office nor the surviving mother or sister have been booked for any offence. It is also unlikely that any incriminating evidence will be found against them. Which, alas, happens in any suicide.
In a society, every person has a right to think his own way. And so if the girl rejected him, she was free to do so. Similarly, the boss had a right to think differently. The same could be true with the surviving mother and sister too.
Why do individuals, then, commit suicide? Is it a step towards emotional black mail or a manifestation of a  highly optimistic belief that he or she  will be born again as a human being with a much better luck! All in all, very preposterous and far-fetched! Even if true, is it possible to remember the sufferings of the past life in the next birth and feel vindicated?
Frankly, it makes no sense. In fact, no suicide ever makes sense. Because even if things turn for the better, the person is not there to enjoy it.

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