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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

It's been a great day today. My daughter and son made me feel so special when they greeted me in their own special way. To be honest, it has filled me with a little bit of guilt! Really, how mean it was of me to yearn for some free time when they were young and around. I think those were the most beautiful days of my life.

Frankly, it is my children who got the best out of me. Indeed it was my daughter, who at two months, taught me to look at the shaking leaves in wonder. The red buttons on my top had never looked so mesmerising till she happened to touch them slowly with her small raised arm.

It was my son who taught me to clap my hands in glee at the sight of a ball rolling on the ground. And, gosh! How he would come rushing home after school reminding me of William Blake's poems.

In all it was my children who taught me to cook well. Removed as they were from the artificial world of the grown ups!

Indeed, thank you so much for those lovely moments. May be someday, if God wills, I will get to enjoy these moments again! That is, when my grandchildren come along! Amen.

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