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Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Indians. A confused lot!

We think, worry, care... so much about ourselves! Our beauty regime, health, salary, promotion. and when it comes to our family, we try to have the best there too! A classy dwelling in a posh colony, an excellent school for our children and what not. And too all very quickly.But we are so distant when it comes to our country. I really don't understand.

There have been floods in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and several places but no one is bothered. Several policemen were killed last week by naxalites. A day prior to this Inspector Induvar was beheaded and killed by the same naxalites. But I didn't see anyone even talking about it in the university or the agency where I work. Now we also hear that the same Inspector was on a punishment posting and had not been paid for six months. But, on TV we had the Human Activists refusing to call this an act of terrorism. As per their definition, terrorism is when poor people are deprived of food, etc. Yes, Human Activists! People going without food is bad and we have to work collectively and fast to solve this problem. But, we also cannot have our brave policemen killed this way.I shudder to think how their families must be feeling, while watching others ready for Diwali-the festival of lights.

Much as I respect Mr. Jairam Ramesh, I am surprised at his rhetoric that linking of rivers will be harmful. This one liner makes no sense, especially when scientist and former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, too, has shown considerable interest in this project. I think we Indians are just very, very cool when it comes to solving a problem at the national level. It's not correct...just not correct.

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