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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Time you old gypsy man!

In just no time the yr 2009 has come to an end. Year 2010 is at the doorstep waiting impatiently to be ushered in. Yes, there have been incidents that have hurt and hurt badly. Dr. Amrita Pancholi's void will always be felt. The only redeeming feature is that the culprit, the driver, has been apprehended. The fact that no student from the institute is involved comes as a breather. Some cases like Ruchika Girhotra and 26/11 attack, where hardly any justice was done will continue to haunt us in the next year. BJP won in Indore Municipal elections and Krishna Murari Moghe will be the new mayor.

I am busy making resolution for the new year. For instance getting more systematic, waking up a little early to do more things., etc. etc. No harm in trying, I guess. Resolutions and hope go hand in hand. And I always feel nice making a resolution.

Well again, there is a lot to cry and brood about in life. There is also a lot to look forward to. And I think I will adopt the latter course. I have my deepest regards for the departed and the bereaved families. I know the words sound hollow. And so, it is best to keep mum. I am a human being with all big and small weaknesses. Please forgive me if I sound a little erratic.

To all my readers, A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.

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