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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Indore Municipal Corporation Elections- 11Dec. 2009

Yet again, elections are round the corner! The city is well charged. People of Indore will be voting for Mayor and Corporator on Friday, 11 Dec.2009.

Indore bears a festive look these days with processions, loudspeakers, songs and drum- beatings taking a preceding. Whatever! It does liven up the spirits and I feel happy. And so do others I feel. Indore. A city of Festivals. Nay! A city of marriages. If I may say so. For be it rich or poor, marriages take place in an elaborate manner here. But let me come back to the point. Just the other day, while returning from work late in the evening I noticed a lady contestant, with shimmering red 'chunni' over her head, going from door to door asking for votes. At the first glance she did appear a bride to me.

Be it BJP, Congress or the independents, I know everybody's agenda by heart now. "Plenty of water... Cemented paths... Good roads...Development of the city and blah, blah, blah! And that's when my mind shifts to the big challenge we are facing now-Climate Change. But then, I feel sorry for the political parties. I know they have to talk of "plenty of water" to the down-trodden and the ordinary folks, for they are the ones who nurture huge expectations. And, they don't understand environment problems. Besides, they are the ones who vote for sure. So, that's that.

The other day, I told my maid to close the tap when not washing the utensils. An everyday refrain, frankly speaking! She probably had it enough for she spat out," Here you tell me to close the tap, and several times during the day I notice one or the other overhead tank overflowing."(meaning me I know). "I will tell Chowkidar Bhaiya (watchman) to check the tanks more often." I murmur. If only all residents of our colony were careful, the supply would remain in limits. I mutter to myself.

Talking about 'Cemented roads'. My mind races back to what happened a month ago. It was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. While I and the rest of the residents of our society, were merrily enjoying the afternoon siesta, my husband noticed a group of 3-4 men all armed to dig a big hole in the newly cemented path right outside our Complex. They wanted to insert a pole for a small community function they were organizing there. And that called for a canopy. That was when I was rudely shaken up by my husband's shouting, who also immediately went down to give them a piece of mind. But that makes me think, how long will our cemented path survive?

I belong to the breed of 'Common Man' and I am helpless. But I wish to draw the attention of all politicians to the stray animals- namely cows, dogs, pigs that cause a lot of inconvenience while driving on the roads. I wish something would be done on this regard.

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