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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Have Patience" said Dad

I rang up my Dad first thing in the morning today. As a matter of fact, I often speak to my 82 yr old father whenever I get time. But today it was different. "How are you all? "He asked in his usual positive tone.

"Life is tough, Dad"I said. After a second's silence, he quipped,"Have patience".

I only had to listen to the words to feel a sudden calmness descending on me. Perhaps, because the words came from a man who had walked on the rough and thorny paths far more than I had. Not just that. Here was a man,who because of age, was fighting amnesia and yet had comforting words for me.

Suddenly things didn't look stranded anymore. It dawned on me, that my life was not all together a passenger train. There were places where I was moving fast. But I was not looking there at all. And so with a positive note, I went to my office. Rightly so, I had some encouraging news there. Come evening and my Director's teenaged daughter told me how she had scored high marks in English because my regular coaching.

Naturally, I am in my jolly mood again. I do intend to thank Dad at the earliest. I remember he had on several occasions told me in childhood,"Count your blessings". It's sad that, I time and again, forget the advice he gave me.

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