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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gotra and Khap Panchayat

The National debate on Gotra and the terrors of Khap Panchayat has been going on for quite sometime. In my opinion, we are not inviting the right people for the debate.
'Gotra' is a sensitive issue and the fears associated with it have to be tackled from the roots. And for this we need to call learned horoscope- readers, astrologers and match-makers for discussion.
'Gotra' Factor made a lot of sense some 2000-1000 years ago, when those belonging to the same Gotra were invariably first cousins. With the passing of time, many marriages have taken place and many generations have passed by. As a result, there is hardly any connection left between people of the same Gotra. Of course I am no authority and it would do well to have someone talk on this. But as often told by my Mother-in-Law, her elder sister (now in her mid-80's and a very learned woman of her times) had got married in the same Gotra. It was an arranged marriage and a small adoption ceremony was performed before the marriage. Her 2 sons were born normal.This was in Pune, Maharashtra way back in the early 1950's.
However, I think 'Naadi' Factor still  holds true today as I think, it deals with chromosomes, blood-group matching and general compatibility.
But whatever, Horoscope reading is a science. It is really sad that new research has not been done in it. Only with proper findings and data-collection, it will be possible to check the growing menace of Honour Killing by Khap Panchayats

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  1. Same Gotra Marriage is not allowed as it is construed as marriage of brother with sister and may lead to genetic defects in the progeny. However, after considerations in Indian Astrology Ashta Koota Match Making is resorted to. This matching reveals the friendship quotient between the two individuals and may be used for Marriage Compatibility, Boss & Subordinate matching and matching of Business Partners. In Ashta Koota the following Eight Factors are considered for Match Making:
    Varna -1
    Vashay -2
    Tara -3
    Yoni -4
    Rashish Frienship -5
    If there is friendship between the Rashi Lords then it nullifies the affect of Varna, Vashay, Tara, Yoni & Gana Dosha.
    Gana -6
    Bhakoot -7
    If there is SAD-BHAKOOT i.e. No Bhakoot Dosha then the Nadi Dosha is also taken care. Bhakoot Dosh determines the prospects of Prgeny in the natives.
    Nadi -8
    Nadi Dosha is considered amongst Brahmins and marriages with this Dosha are not permitted except when the Dosha Nullifies which happens when the Boy & Girl are of Same Nakshatra but there Charan are different. If Nadi Dosha is present, it is considered that the natives (Boy & Girl) are brother & sister and there would be genetic defects in the Progeny.
    Our Vedic Systems are time tested and one must consider the horoscope matching rather than considering only the Gotra which has no religious sanctity. The same Gotra Marriages may be performed after proper horoscope matching and this would not have any ill effects on the Society.
    With warm regards,
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