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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bad Mouthing

Here I was nursing my own insult and grief, wondering what happiness it causes to those who inflict pain on others. Little realising that such things can happen to others at a much higher scale than one can imagine!

Yes, I am referring to RSS Chief's remarks on Sonia Gandhi. Charging her of plotting  Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi's assassination and also calling her a CIA agent. I blinked at what I was reading.

Frankly, till now I had always given due respect to all the political parties. In fact barring one or two instances, I have always seen political leaders minding their P's and Q's in public. Thus, Shri Sudershan's remarks were most uncalled for. To think that such baseless charges could be made by a chief  with considerable years in the party!

Upset as I was about my own problems, the next few minutes were spent thinking on how Sonia Gandhi would react to it all. Indeed, such nasty and spiteful remarks can exhaust a person completely. But then, Sonia Gandhi is undoubtedly stronger than I am. She has moved on without even caring to comment on all the filth thrown at her.

And so if we see, all the Bad Mouthing has gone back to the sender himself. It has left RSS and Shri Sudershan quite embarrassed. I suppose that is how we must all handle Bad Mouthing. That is, we should close our ears to it.

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