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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why I voted for BJP

Yes, I voted on 24th April'14. Early morning I accompanied my husband to the polling booth which happened to be in Sch.78, new Indore. There were too many thoughts in my mind when I went to vote, mainly whom to vote- Congress or BJP ?
Finally I voted for BJP. Being married for more than 30 years, I have consciously/ unconsciously fallen in line with my husband's way of thinking.
My late father was all for Congress. I am sure he would have voted for Congress if he had been there. And I guess, I would have voted for Congress had I been staying with him. In his hey days, my father was a great admirer of Kamraj and such leaders. Unfortunately, these leaders, which includes Lal Bahadur Shastri, are not amongst us now. I think God knows best when to call back a person. All these men would have been totally out of place in today's corrupt and materialistic society. May all of them rest in peace! We still have Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee - a great statesman in every way. But due to age, he no more calls the shots. 
As to why I voted for BJP ? Undeniably, it is for Modi. Me thinks, a single majority party must come to power this time. We all know that very few bills were passed during UPA tenure as it was a coalition government.
Everytime I watch Modi on TV, I am reminded of  Shah Rukh Khan's famous quote in Chak De, India--- Har team mein bus ek hi gunda ho sakta hai. Aur is team ka gunda main hoon. Meaning that, every team can have only one rogue. And in this team I am the one. The quote suits Modi very well. I suppose, he alone can come down heavily on rapists and other anti-social elements.
Rahul Gandhi is a nice guy but very much in a wrong profession. I happened to see his interview with Arnab Goswami. For all my good will for the gentleman, the interview made no sense to me. And except for the reference to the sad deaths of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, the Congress Prime Ministerial Candidate appeared to be totally  out of sync with the political scenario- yesterday, today and tomorrow. Maybe he would do better teaching or discussing Literature. No harm intended. Literature is nice. And frankly, we are all born for some specific profession.
May be Congress should have projected a stronger person. As for Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, every body knows she has Indira Gandhi's genes. But what good if she just goes about defending her husband and brother. Where was she at the time of Nirbhaya happening?
Let's understand, India  needs a very tough PM who can pull out the countrymen from corruption, extortion, hooliganism and also make sure that Nirbhaya incidence never occurs again. Modiji are you listening?
And what is wrong if a political party projects its Prime Ministerial Candidate? It only shows that the country is evolving and slowly adopting the US style of governance.
Regarding Modi's equation with Muslims, let's do some fast calculation. Can BJP afford to lose strong party men such as  Mukhtar Abbas Naqui and Shahnawaz Hussain. Agreed, he didn't wear the skull cap and it was wrong. But shouldn't we pardon him for a larger good? It was an instinctive reaction done without much thinking. And don't we all behave unreasonably once a while?
Countrymen, let's move ahead and think of more important issues that we can press on rogue Modi when he comes to power. Let's try solving some problems for once! After giving holy man Dr. Manmohan Singh a chance twice, why can't we give one chance to rogue Modi. Folks, itna to banta hai!

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