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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breaking Monotony. My Resolution this Year.

Seeing is believing! And so it  happened at the time of my daughter's wedding in June'10. We had some plants purchased and had them arranged in our balcony. They looked good and we were complimented adequately.
Many months have passed. These days we get to see yellow, pink roses as well as yellow, white jasmines in our balcony garden. Mind you, it's total bliss! So much so, that my husband and I make it a point on Sundays to sit in the balcony and have our morning tea .There is a feeling of being at peace with the world. Besides I am beginning to realize that it's a nice way to start the day this way.
I have also tried bringing some changes in my lifestyle. For example, attempting to discover the 'dress sense' that I presumed I never had. In the process, the few genuine compliments I managed to collect have boosted my morale in a big way. What if I am middle aged! Blending with the surrounding sure yields an exalted feeling.
I have grown up thinking that interior decoration is not my forte. But these days I consciously try to decorate and redecorate my home as per my fancy. It has helped me, break the monotony which in a way is filling me with a lot of energy and happiness. It is also helping me, get rid of the boredom that had slowly crept in.
In short many minor changes have been made in my daily schedule which till now only had cleaning, cooking, washing, reading, writing, buying daily need items, listening to music and watching TV as the main agenda. Agreed, the activities were a handful. But over the years they had created a monotony which in turn had brought a lot of boredom.The most surprising part is that I have been able to accommodate these changes with minor adjustments once a while. For example cutting short the dinner or keeping some not- so-urgent- work for the next day  And most of all without annoying my husband. 
There is yet something I need to do. I plan to go with  my husband for a movie, one of these weekends (when it is less cold outside). I also plan to take him out for shopping someday. Who knows, I may succeed in making him like the shops and the mad crowd. Well, who knows!

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