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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Violating Nature?

The other day I read that Congress leader Mr.Rahul Gandhi is against linking of rivers as that would amount to violating nature. Now, this statement comes just when I started looking up with hope, at the Congress leadership! And that's really sad. And sad more so because all of a sudden our political leaders have started making scandalising statements in public without once thinking about the repercussions. Yes, I am referring to Mr. Jairam Ramesh who recently compared Mr. Jinnah to Lord Shiva. Ofcourse, the media has also played foul by not narrating the entire story. And so, as I have always respected Mr. Jairam Ramesh I give him the benefit of doubt.
But then let me come back to where I digressed! Linking rivers is certainly not violating nature. Mr. Rahul Gandhi must read the story of King Bhagirath and how he brought the holy river Ganga on the earth.
Millions of years ago, in northen India there had been a drought. People living in the kingdom were dying. It was then that King Bhagirath went and prayed to Lord Shiva to realise water. But while this is a mythological story, the actual fact is that King Bhagirath had himself dug the path for the holy river Ganga. This is how he brought back life into the kingdom. And this is how the dead received salvation.
And so Mr. Gandhi, linking of rivers does not amount to violating nature. Yes, building of dams could amount to one, if done without planning. But areas where we are seriously playing with nature are female foeticide and infanticide, surrogate motherhood and cloning. Here I think God will never forgive us.

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