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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Media Very Unfair to Navin Nischol!

4checks- 125 x 125 - 2 boxes of checks for the price of 1 Static Banner   I was in 6 or 7th class when I saw Sawan Bhadon. Rather, it was on my insistence that my parents took me for the movie.It so happened that in one of the magazines, it was mentioned that a promising young man from FTII with a Gold Medal in acting was making a debut in a movie called Sawan Bhadon opposite altogether a new heroine, Rekha. In those days going for a movie was itself a big thing. Yes, I liked the songs and the usual family drama that ensued.
Later, I happened to see 'Parwana' on TV, where Navin Nischol was the hero and Amitabh Bachchan, a villain, who kills somebody in the movie. Somehow I guess, luck did not favor the actor and he went into oblivion.
But I think God makes sure that you get your dues in life! And so one fine day,  Navin Nischol came back with a bang in the movie 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'. A superb movie that brought home the point that the actor had not won a Gold Medal for nothing! Oh! It was a real treat to watch both him and Anupam Kher together. In fact, I still watch it every time it comes on TV. I really thought that the bad days were over for Navin Nischol and that, we would get to see more of his talent in the coming years. But that was not to be!
It is really sad that the great actor passed away so suddenly. Worse still, that that the media did not cover his death properly. While so much was said about the Hollywood actress even in Hindi newspapers, Navin Nischol's death was just given a small space. Not fair! Not fair at all!