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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Advancements, Encounter with Aliens, World Cup... And Japan Tsunami !

If there is anything in the world which is truly bizarre and paradoxical in nature- it is the NEWS!
And it happened yesterday when I went to the bank for some personal work. As is true, wherever there is work there is confusion!
The Internet Officer was struggling with the inept software that had not been updated after the merger of State bank with other subsidiary banks. Even then, the place was bustling with happiness. And everyone was talking about the World Cup. That's when the TV screen started showing details of  the earthquake and Tsunami that had hit Japan. Several people were reported dead...
For a few minutes no one knew what to say. Staying miles and miles away, it was very difficult to even fathom the extent of damage. But 2004 Tsunami was presumably fresh in everybody's mind. A silent prayer came to my lips for the survivors. The same with others, I guess. The scenes of the old movie 'Waqt" flashed before my eyes and I shuddered at the thought of families getting separated.
It was difficult to think beyond that. Call it defense mechanism, survival instinct, or pure escapism, there were talks again of the ongoing World Cup.
Just at that moment, somebody talked of a chance encounter with an alien. Imagine a living being from some other planet accidentally walking into your drawing room. Amidst all the misery, it helped enliven the spirits to a great extent.
Hope Japan regains normalcy fast. Let the damage be minimum possible.