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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jabalpur Medical College. Hats Off to S. Arya

Hats off to the girl victim who brought the goings-on of the college in full public view. The girl S Arya was sure very sharp to smell a rat at once. It is creditable that she questioned her senior Prerna Atyal, as to how she came to know the result (Arya's failing in 2 subjects) even before the official announcement. It also goes on to show that the victim S Arya must be very good at academics. It wouldn't have been possible otherwise!
This apart, we must admire the courage displayed by the victim. I am sure as a girl, she must have been told initially to keep quiet and face the exam again. Particularly with our kind of slow and lethargic judicial system, where the guilty get away with the crime but the victim suffers humiliation in full public view.
And now, when the things are clear, all the officials in the sex racket should be booked at once.