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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Navratri & Indore

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 Indore is all geared up for Navratri. The shops stand beautifully decorated. The colorful dandiya sticks as well as the glittering 'red chunris' can be discerned from any distance while passing by on the road. And today, while coming to office I saw so many Maa Durga idols in the road side shops. Also, when I go home today, I am sure to meet with music, pandals & lovely lighting. I will also see young girls in the age group of 4- 14 years, all dressed up & happily rushing to the pandals for garba dance. In 1996, when we came to Indore, the dancing was restricted to only this small section of the society. But with leading Press Houses starting Garba Dance workshops, it has almost become a rage among the elite class. So, even grown up men & women, college girls & boys go for the Navratri dance. Paying hefty fees is no problem. This is the beauty of Indore. People have a lot of time & also lots of money.
But I wonder, if this will be possible when the IT sector comes here. They will be too busy working & keeping up with other pressures. Already, the 2 young girls in my ad agency have expressed their inability to go because of heavy festival work !
On my part, I & my husband just love watching the excitement of the people around us. Call us old or term this as middle class mentality!                              Happy Navratri

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