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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ordinance. Whatever has happened is good.

All in all, it was a good drama on a Friday evening. My otherwise reticent husband narrated to me the happenings as he drove me home through the crowded AB Road & BRT of Indore-which he religiously does these days.
And just as we reached home, he also immediately put on the TV. "Nonsense!" The TV blared.
"Look at this!" My husband said pointing to the screen. " Famous personality Abhishek Singhvi left because he had nothing to say in the discussion. What a loss of face for Congress & more so Dr. Manmohan Singh."
And so the evening passed seeing only the news channels. My husband simply refused to hand over the remote lest I changed the program.
Forcefully, it made me think of the political happenings as I cooked dinner for the night.
Soon my reasoning  got the better of me & the truth dawned that whatever the behaviour of Rahul Gandhi, the goons were not henceforth getting tickets for the elections. Hurray!
And as for PM Dr. Manmohan Singh. Well, he does need to assert himself. But it will be good, if he turns the face the other way this time.
And as regards President Mr. Pranab Mukherji, I am already his big fan!
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