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Saturday, October 19, 2013

So much to be done before Diwali!

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 There is so much cleaning to be done before Diwali... I just don't know how I am going to do it. Apart from doing social work I had planned to do get stainless steel utensils in exchange of old clothes from the bartanwallis. I do need some copper coated vessels. But this tribe seems to be fast vanishing from Indore. May be they too observe Sunday as holiday. In that case I will never be execute my plans. 
My son will be coming down for Diwali. Earlier I used to make Besan ladoos & Chidwa at home, for Diwali. But now it is not possible. This time I plan to get it all from "Prashant " - a familiar name in food items in Indore. Hope my husband will be kind enough to take me there. With growing traffic, I have almost stopped riding my 2 wheeler. It is causing quiet a handicap, but then nothing can be done. 
Basically I am all intent on cleaning the cupboards. Just a few months ago I read the 5s on Housekeeping. Since then this has been in my mind. 
Let's see how much I succeed.

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