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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Indore Gang Rape

Just yesterday I had mused how safe Indore was for girls! I wish I had not said it. For today, all newspapers carried the news of gang rape of a college student in Indore. The incident took place in February this year.
I think the whole country (or may be the entire world) has become a sick place to live in. 
The only silver lining is that the girl confided in her friends who without any further delay took her to the police station. I am glad, the rapists have been apprehended. Fast work by the police, I must say!
While I have all sympathies for the girl, I strongly feel that this mishap could have been avoided. 
I think, there are 2 things where we are failing. Firstly, we are not listening to our instincts. And secondly, the bonding which needs to be there between parents & children or between siblings is getting weaker or not developing at all. Something needs to be done there.