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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Manage Talent/ Career or Handle Home Politics?


Years ago, I happened to read the former Editor of Femina, Ms.Vimla Patil's famous quips- As a career woman she was any time a success handling office problems. But when it came to home politics, she was a total failure.
Today after many years, I couldn't agree with her better.The words comes to my mind, morning & evening. I am not ashamed to say that when it comes to home politics, I am a total failure in every way.
In fact, all my life I have been a victim of taunts & nasty remarks. And  instead of  replying back aptly, I have ended up tongue-tied for lack of words- much to the consternation of my husband and children. First of all, handling 3 languages- English, Hindi & Marathi at the same time is difficult any time. But my son is forever unforgiving. Often, he likens me to Karna of Mahabharat who forgot his knowledge just when he needed it most. Of course, Karna was a great man. And that has made me feel miserable all the more.
But recently I discovered that women who succeed in giving back, do nothing but spend their precious time preparing themselves for war of words. And, that's sure a waste of time.
Imagine, a fortnight ago I learned that a distant relative of mine was actually a Sangeet Visharad (Degree/ Diploma Holder in Hindustani Music) who sacrificed her talent in a bid to counter malicious remarks. Gosh, what a huge price to pay for a bunch of silly women!
No, I would never do it. Not for any price in the world. I mean, does it really matter if a few frustrated & disgruntled women enjoy some good moments at my cost? For all their victory, they are barely even noticed by the world!
Really, I think I should remember this, the next time I become a target of ridicule. I'll just have to take it sportingly & get on with my work.