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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On the Eve of International Women's Day & Holi...

I have decided to be a better woman as also a better & more responsible human being than before.
The idea is vague and yet I have embarked on this resolution. The spate of gang rapes has shaken me up as much as others. And somewhere I have this gnawing feeling that while I have raised my daughter, I have been indifferent to the safety of young girls around me. A  simple sentence like, "Go home. You are late..." could prove a saver? 
Or for that matter, a small sympathetic listening or advice on my part could help a girl in distress. Who knows!
At least I can try. I know, some of my readers will find this silly...but then to each his own.
Now that I have said this, I feel a lot better.
It's Holi tomorrow. A festival of Colors. I'll prepare some sweet and celebrate 'my new responsible avatar!' And of course, Tomorrow certainly seems better than yesterday.
So Happy International Women's Day & also A Very Happy Holi!