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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gang Rapes. What could be the psychology?

3 gang rapes in M.P. region in the last fortnight. The first case involved two innocent tribal girls raped by 18 men from the same village Betma. Two of the rapists had political connections.

In the second case, the unfortunate deaf & dumb woman was attacked by known men in her own house in Depalpur. The woman was totally helpless as they threatened to kill her child.

The third case occurred last night in Indore, when a 25 yr old married woman was returning home with her husband on motor cycle.The husband was carrying Rs 20,000 in cash. In this case, the rapists posed as policeman.

What could be the psychology behind these rapes? Or for that matter any rape? I think it's very important to understand the mentality of the rapists if we have to counter this menace in the society. The Indian courts should deliver immediate judgments so as to bring some fear in the society. The 2 men with political connections should be castrated  and their godfathers be kicked out of the respective parties.
There is something terribly wrong with India. It's a national shame.