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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Indore. From Retired Man's Paradise to Mini Mumbai

When I got married in the 80's, Indore was a retired man's paradise.People had a lot of time to talk, gossip, go to '56 Dukan' (market place), have the 'spicy chat 'and enjoy. Be it service or business, everything happened at a leisurely speed. Call it good, bad whatever! But the inhabitants were happy. And this showed in the form of cultural growth. Every household had one or two children learning music, dance or some activity. 
Then came industrialization. The cool climate gave way to hot and sticky feeling. Air Coolers, Air Conditioners made their way into the market. This was followed by high- rise buildings taking the place of sprawling bungalows. 
That was the beginning of the metro culture.The educated class started sending their children to coaching classes. Thus, the celebrations like Navratri, Ganeshotsav, etc. got restricted to either the lower middle class or the rich.  The middle class having neither the time nor money.
Yes, '56 Dukan' may be crowded on Sundays today, but gone is that relaxed atmosphere. Every body is restless. There are numerous ads on coaching centers in the newspapers. A layman's conversation is often centered around it. The malls which are the latest things in Indore are ever crowded, because purchase and more purchase is now the mantra of every Indorian.
And so you could say that Indore is now mini- Mumbai most truly.