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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On the Eve of India's 63rd Republic Day, Let Us Reflect on Some Issues.

Tomorrow, we Indians will be celebrating our 63rd Republic Day. A very important day for every citizen of the country! On this day in 1950, the Constitution Of India came into being. The longest written Constitution was drafted by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.What is important is that this Constitution talks of Fundamental Rights and Duties. And that is why I am intrigued by the recent happenings.
The Jaipur Literary Festival and the subsequent Salman Rushdie episode glaringly brings to light the falling ratio of Right To Expression to Duty of Exercising Tolerance. Sentiments are at clash. And sentiments ought to be respected. This means that Religious Thinkers and Opinion Leaders need to think in a restrained manner. Emotional Outbursts should be best avoided.
Such things have happened in the past too. If I am not wrong, 'Sons & Lovers' written by D. H. Lawrence was similarly banned in the 19th century. The title itself had angered the people. How was the situation handled then?
US comedian Leno's uncanny remark about Amritsar Temple could have been avoided. One basic thing I learnt in Advertising is that Humor is a very dangerous weapon and that," One man's Humor is another man's Insult".
Well that's that. We really need to reflect on some issues. Let's all live in peace!
I wish everybody- A Very Happy Republic Day.