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Friday, December 2, 2011

People of Delhi and Indore.

After my one month stay in Delhi, I am back in Indore.I
A group of students in college asked me how I find Delhi as compared to Indore.
An interesting question! And so I told them my honest opinion. In Delhi, it is the third generation of women working. Where as in Indore, women have just started to work. It was no surprise therefore to see 70 plus women going  to banks in Delhi to get their passbooks updated. And while I was amazed to see them conducting the business, the bank staff and others were absolutely cool about it. Well, Indore will take some time to reach that stage!
In Delhi because of hectic life, I saw women mostly in salwar-kameez and jeans-top with saree reserved for an occasional wear. In Indore, sarees are still in fashion. But then that's bound to be! Indore is famous for its Maheshwari & Chanderi sarees.
However, one thing goes against the Delhi people. They lack patience to stand in queue. And so it is common to see fights at post offices and other such places. That's where Indore scores over Delhi! In Indore be it GPO or any other place, it is quite common to see people standing in queues . 
Should we say, laid back attitude helps at times!