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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Try Mix 'N' Match!

As I said, I am in Delhi for my son's exams. Staying in a bachelor's accommodation, I often feel the need to go to the market. For all my laziness, I do enjoy once I step into the market.
Punjabi women have an excellent dress sense. And you truly find them well-dressed from head to toe. So that day, just as I stepped out of the grocer's shop, I spotted a mother-daughter duo. They picked up a 'Kurta' (Top) for just Rs.100 at a sale. Next, they stepped into another shop that was also running a sale. They purchased a pair of leggings that were equally cheap. This way, they had a set not costing more than Rs.800. That gave me an idea that I could do it too.
I needed some hand towels and so I turned towards a Handloom shop. And I spotted them there too. They were now buying material for curtains. Here too, they adopted the attitude of mix 'n' match. And frankly, the combination they chose was so good! Again, it hardly cost them much.
I ended up envying them. I think, every woman should know a bit of tailoring so as to do some quick measurements and calculations. And I am sure, such a woman could end up exuding beauty in everything. That too, without spending much!
Worth thinking I guess!