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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali & A Prosperous New Business Year!


    Diwali, the festival of lights, has arrived yet again. This was the day when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya with wife Sita and brother Lakshman, after 14 years of exile. Even today we celebrate this occasion by decorating our homes, lighting candles and distributing sweets to all near and dear ones. This besides, Diwali also marks the beginning of a new business year. Thus for those in business, Diwali also means the start of new ledger books.
This Diwali, I am in Delhi with my son. The weather is nice and exhilarating. Today’s Delhi is different from the 70’s & 80’s. The buying capacity has increased tremendously. In a way, it’s good. With consumers ready to buy good stuff, marketing fanciful or creative products sure looks easy as compared to yesteryear.
If I have to compare Indore and Delhi, I will say that people here are more professional. In the last 2 days that I have gone to the market, not a single shopkeeper has handed me a toffee due to scarcity of change. That’s sure a big thing! It means not wasting time checking change before stepping out of the house- something very harrowing! Besides, be it a vegetable vendor or some small shop, nowhere did I get a feel that I was being overcharged.
This way, I think I have a lot of good things to tell my husband & friends when I return to Indore in a month’s time.
But for now-   A Very Happy & a Prosperous Business Year to All My Readers & Friends!