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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baba Ramdev Fiasco. A Big Lesson.

Much has happened during the long sabbatical I took!
Me thinks, Baba Ramdev's fiasco should be kept in mind by all successful men. Success is certainly not our father's property--And that's the bottom line I guess.
Baba Ramdev is no politician and that is evident. Or else he would not have fled the scene, at least not in salwar-kameez! Nor would he have dumped his followers and rushed out. In fact, a seasoned politician in his place would have anticipated this action and struggled to get maximum mileage out of this sordid affair. Not to say that it would have further put the government in the dock.
Kapil Sibal & Pranab Mukherji played their cards very well. And even otherwise, Baba Ramdev's timing was wrong. Anna Hazare had already given one 'big homework' to the government. And just when the leaders had begun working on it, Baba Ramdev thrust yet another homework without much thinking! Besides, Baba Ramdev had sought permission for yoga camp. Thus, misusing the permission itself was a colossal mistake.
On my part, I would rather watch Baba Ramdev talk about Kapal Bhati, Pranayam, uses of Aloe Vera and other health tips. Anyway, I am going to remember this lesson. I will also narrate it every time my children or grand children get over-confident.