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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Press Council Of India, Indore Administration and Local Press

Sad but true that in smaller towns and cities, nexus between press and local administration is a natural phenomenon. But then it goes against the directives of The Press Council Of India (PCI) which clearly states that there should not be an interference of the politicians in the media. Really sad that the PCI recommendations are not being followed. At least, not in Indore for sure.
And I can vouch for sure! My husband runs a small industrial unit at Polo Ground Industrial Estate, Indore. Yes! Once a ground for Polo Game, it  is now a place for several small scale industries. But one should see the conditions of this place today. There is not a single road, path, lane, sub-lane or by-lane inside the premises.There are big stones jutting out at the entry gate and everywhere. The street lights do not function. Trucks have been forbidden by law from passing through Polo Ground and yet they continue to do so.
It is now more than one year now. But nothing has happened. The  Association Of Industries at Polo Ground has filed  several complaints but to no avail! There have also been Press Conferences but nothing has come out of it.  I, as a wife, have written to top local dailies but the cause has never been taken up. I am really worried about what will happen during rains this time. It's very risky for 2 wheelers and if an accident takes place it will be fatal for sure.
I have all respect for BJP run Shivraj Singh government at the state level. It has done a commendable job.  But it's unfortunate that the state government is not looking into the functioning of Indore Municipal Corporation.
Whenever I ask my husband the cause for so much apathy of the local administration, the answer I get is that 'Polo ground is not a vote bank'.  It is really sad. The worst part is that the local press is also hand in gloves with the apathetic and corrupt local administration of Krishna Murari Moghe.
Regarding vote bank politics, the local administration must remember that Polo Ground men don't stay 24 hours in the premises. They along with their families stay well-spread out in the city. And these families also interact with others. And so, if vote bank is the only criterion for carrying out civic work, the Krishna Murari Moghe administration should wake up from their 'feel-good factor' and start thinking seriously!