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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Skirts Are Good. But Top- Seeded Players Should Have A Choice.


Skirts look good anywhere.They also form a part of the uniform in several schools in India and other countries. I have worn them myself on several occasions as also while playing throw ball, badminton, etc. And talking of skirts, I feel that divided-skirts look decent and comfortable. In fact, I have often wondered if I would look as comfortable in shorts as the lady players today! But then, to each his, sorry 'her' own!
In this regard, I am all in favour of the Badminton World Federation making skirts as the official dress code for girl players. However, it would be appropriate to apply this rule to the new entrants. The top- seeded players should be left to their own decisions as any such major change could affect their game. The psychology is the same as what is followed in other professions--" The winning tactics are seldom changed". And honouring the feelings and sensitivities of the top-seeded players is important.
Whatever, skirts and more so divided- skirts are plain and simple decent. And so as an answer to what I read in one of the newspapers- comparing this new dress code with IPL cheer leaders is just too far fetched!

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