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Monday, July 4, 2011

Maria Susairaj. What message does Justice Chandwani want to give?

Now that is called 'Jungle Raj'! A woman masterminds the killing of a man! Gets hold of a highly gullible boyfriend to carry out the most gruesome murder ever possible and yet gets away with the lone charge of  'destroying evidence'! She gets scot-free the very next day of the judgement, as she has already served 3 years in prison. (The foolish paramour gets more punishment, even if less as compared to the deed.). Later, Maria goes on to say unrepentantly that she has left her past behind which the media people dutifully report!
What does Justice Chandwani want to convey to the Indian woman? That if you are cruel, callous, bold and heartless like Maria Susairaj, you will get all the sympathies!  But if you are downtrodden, poor, innocent, helpless and a law-abiding woman, you will be raped, imprisoned, paraded naked, stoned to death for being a witch and much more!
Indian Law has sure taken a nose-drive for the worse.