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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

As a Woman, Strong Identity and Success.

Of late I am beginning to realize that my journey has not been all that bad. I am facing more success now than before.

The reason could be that I am more forthright today. I have now also gathered the courage of going by my instincts and saying 'no' to a certain command. I have no regrets there. Mainly because, instincts comprise of past experiences, and moral upbringing. The best part is that, this change has brought credibility to my character and reputation as never before. And so very often I have now my past associates (at work) assigning me a task that they are convinced I alone can do. I also find them giving my reference to others. It sure makes me feel nice. What one could term as 'Feel good factor'!

I have chalked out my own priorities and goals. True, in the process I have moved away from some near and dear ones who were too imposing in the past But, no guilty feelings there. The fact, that I am proving more useful to the society now makes up for it all. Finally, Success is all about having a strong identity, I guess.