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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cesarean Delivery and New Mothers.

My friend's daughter (who also happens to be my daughter's close friend) was recently blessed with a baby boy in Pune. Wanting to congratulate her, I rang up my friend only to realize that the new mother was greatly depressed because of cesarean section delivery and nursing problems.

My heart went out to her, as the memories of my first born came flooding to me. I remember being nagged by acquaintances for my cesarean delivery. I was also teased at times for not nursing the baby properly. I remember feeling very low in importance in front of even the most illiterate women. I was careful the second time. I had a normal delivery at the time of my son. In fact my son was born within one or two hours after the start of the pains.

This is what I told my friend. It must have made the new mother feel better, for soon after my daughter received a cute SMS from the same friend.

But whatever, I will advice all pregnant and new mothers to maintain their cool and not succumb to any depression. Nobody is very perfect. And besides, there are so many things that a child requires apart from feeding and things. He/she requires guidance, support, trust and love which a happy mother and confident mother alone can give.

So cheers new mother! And look forward for a nice rapport with your baby in years to come. The baby has a mother and that is important.