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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Overcoming Bad Days.

Even in the busiest hour sometimes, a gripping topic comes up that sets everyone talking at the workplace. This happened so in our agency, a couple of months ago.

The atmosphere had been gloomy even otherwise, and that day the talk shifted to 'Sade Saati' (seven and a half years of Saturn in a particular moon sign). That was when, one Director exclaimed that no one should have a luck like him. His parents died when he was just 6 months. Thanks to Sade Saati, he said. There was hush as panic gripped everyone. Even I felt a strange churning in my stomach. Soon everybody got busy discussing his/her moon sign.

I remembered what our very close family friend Cdr. I.C. Sharma, his wife and sweet little daughter Prachi told me on their visit home last year. The comforting words even today ring in my mind, in moments of despair. "Aunty, Shani Dev is not bad. He is the God of Justice. He only punishes when we do something wrong...." Prachi, the little girl, whom I had once held in my arms, told me so. Cdr. Sharma further added that Shani Dev always compensates or does something good when he leaves the house(sign) after seven and a half years.

Sitting in my chair, in the office that afternoon, I recalled those words loud and clear to everyone present around. The golden words helped in checking the panic that had from nowhere seized the peace in the office. I then continued. I don't know much about death. I feel just as bad. I suppose only God and Destiny can answer that. But, I think we all can control our sufferings by being good and doing good.

The tension was gone. The next instant, the youngsters were back at work, happy and cheerful. Also, the gloom that had descended from nowhere took a hasty retreat. I suppose, in life we must all learn to conquer our fears and work steadfast(in all honesty) towards attaining our goals. While, of course taking care of our health as that would mean longer duration of success and happiness. If that's what God desires, so be it.