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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Indian Education System. A total mess!

The other day, my husband appeared gloomy and upset at the dinner table. I asked him why.
He answered, "I had been at the bank today." So, where was the problem, I asked. I saw the bank cancelling educational loan for some engineering students. "Why", I asked a trifle surprised. " Because, they flunked in their semester exams." He said. I felt sorry. He continued,"You know, they were just hanging around...I feel so sorry for them and the parents."I felt miserable too. We had our dinner in utter silence.

Later, it was my survival instinct that made me speak. " The college or the university should have given them grace marks." Finding no answer from my husband, I realized I was talking nonsense." May be they should have taken up some other course. Maybe..."At this my husband snapped, "Who will guide the parents? Often, they are poor and an ignorant lot. Besides, engineering is such a lucrative profession. A kind of gamble. After passing, one has a good job ..."
It was a messy situation. "What a way for the day to end!" I mumbled. "Banks should appoint some counsellors." Anyway, it didn't make sense. The evening was spoiled alright!

The next day,we woke up to read,"CBSE makes it tough to fail students in standard 9th and 10th. That sports and extra curricular marks will be taken into account. That, if a child does badly in writing, he will be tested orally! Well, who ever has thought of this 'brilliant idea' has not fathomed the extent of damage it is going to do. It means, more and more gullible parents and children are going to be left in the lurch. Because in the job field, the child will prove a total mess.

Finally, all these improvements in the education system is a big sham! A farce and a total mess. If we have to improve our lot, it is essential that we understand our goal and work systematically towards it. That,we all have to think. Regardless of the fact we are poor, uneducated, illiterate or whatever! I bow to Lata Mangeshkar, Rafi Saheb, and all the legends in film industry and elsewhere who relied on their talent and comfort level and did not think of doing anything just to show of. Nor did they look for short-cuts. Finally I think, there lies the true answer.