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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. Kapil Sibal- Wise Step.Poor Support.

I was delighted to watch HRD minister,Mr. Kapil Sibal announce on TV that minimum marks for appearing in IIT-JEE exam would be raised to 80-85% instead of 60% in class 12 board examination. It was mainly to check the mushrooming of coaching classes. And, he was very right. I wish the politicians (be it any party), had not made it a political game. Which they actually did! Stating that village children would be deprived of opportunities.

I wonder why the media kept quiet on this issue. This was the time when they should have gone all out to gather statistics as to how many children in the villages have really heard of IIT i.e. Indian Institute of Technology. And if they have, how many really think of doing this course. Absolutely no opinion poll was conducted. If only they had, all the opposition parties would have kept quiet.

I work in an ad agency and I know what happens on the eve of IIT-JEE, Engineering or Medical results. In fact before the actual facts and figures come out, we at the agency start writing ads declaring these coaching institutes No.1. This naturally triggers a mad rush for admission to institutes. Not just that, some parents even think it wise to remove their children from regular schools and have them registered at places the coaching classes suggest just to fulfill the minimum attendance.

Frankly, the Indian media knows it all too well! It is just profit, business and money that is keeping everybody quiet. But then someday, it is all going to backfire. Something like, when we dig holes for others, we fall into it ourselves.