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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kudos to Yashpal Committee! Great Going.

The proposal to dissolve UGC, AICTE, MCI couldn't have been better timed. I salute the members of the Yashpal Committee. And I have a special salute reserved for Mr Kapil Sibal.

1) Indeed with countless engineering colleges coming up all over the country , the B.E degree has lost all the importance that it once had. It has been reported there are several engineering colleges in Chattisgarh, Bangalore and other places which are running in just one room. I really wonder how? No surprise, the engineering giants say that today's engineers are not worth employing!

2)In case of MCI, it is just the reverse! The officiating body is forever finding faults with all medical colleges . As a result, medical colleges are very few in number. This forces the students stay on in spite of severe ragging. This apart, there is always a fear of de-recognition from MCI. In Indore itself there is always a sword hanging on MGM Medical College for lack of PG doctors. From where will the P.G doctors come if just a few colleges run PG course?

Even otherwise, one needs to see the ratio of engineering and medical colleges. If engineering colleges are in lakhs, the medical colleges are barely a thousand something!

3) While restraining myself from saying much about UGC and NAAC, I shall just comment that awarding 3star and 5 star on the basis of one or two days survey makes no sense. UGC certainly lacks feedback system regarding the classes being conducted in departments and colleges particularly related to commerce and humanities. UGC cares two hoots for the payment of visiting faculty which is downright cruel. Further, there is a need to dig into the PhD's that are being done particularly in Humanities. The students and their research appear nowhere near the mark. It would indeed be nice if university examination papers are set outside i.e. by another university. That will truly decide the merit of the students and teachers alike. Partiality and nepotism will then end. I hope, the proposed 'Commission for Higher Studies and Research' go deep into this. This commission should have the facility called 'Ombudsman' to check the growing malpractices in various universities.

4) Regarding scrapping of 10th and 12th exams, the only thing I feel strongly is that students who pass out of school should at least write a few sentences without spelling mistakes. That, there should be either schools or coaching classes. This unnatural pressure that has come on the students and parents must end. This may also bring down the rates of suicides, I feel.
As per the news report today, the Bhopal Gang Rape case was a concocted story. Things will get clear in a few days I am sure.