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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tough Moments

Sorry guys! There has been a considerable delay in writing this time.
Like you all, I also had some difficult moments in the Agency I work. About 20 days ago, our agency had taken up the work of a college magazine. The work was assigned to an executive who we felt would do the job. Little did we realise that she would sleep over the work and land the entire team in trouble. Which is what happened!
The college professor turned up 4 days ago with 3 of her male colleagues. Neither the 'Cover Page' was ready and nor had the corrections been carried out. Expecting 'setting of the matter' was too far-fetched at this juncture. The young executive decided not to come out. She chose instead to have her lunch pushing all the blame on the newly appointed Trainee Graphic Designer. It was then that I had to step in and apologise while requesting time till 13 July which is tomorrow.
But that's not the end of the matter. The young girl now feels that she is the one who has been wronged. And while spreading all the venom she has also decided to step out of the team.
The girl does not realise that she will never learn anything this way. And next time, we are going to think a hundred times before assigning her an independent job.
It is very important to be honest at work I realise. And it is best to accept a mistake when it is made-- even if it means a little bit of showdown. The difference between failures and successful men lies there I guess!