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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bhopal Gangrape. Several Unanswered Questions.

Morning of 19 June'09! Almost all newspapers-Local as well as national, carried this wretched news of a 25 yr old woman gangraped by 3 men in a speeding SUV car on the outskirts of Bhopal (M.P.), while the husband was held at gunpoint. Hardly a way to begin a day.It was just very,very bad. Making no sense whatsoever!There were several questions unanswered.

The couple had come from Mumbai to admit their 2 children to Asaram Bapu Ashram School, situated on the outskirts of Bhopal. A boarding school to be precise. Were Mumbai schools not worth considering?

Asaram Bapu Ashram School was in news last year for all the wrong reasons. 2-3 of their students had died under mysterious circumstances. The news was covered by all newspapers and channels. On what basis was this school chosen?

The couple had no one with them at the time of the incident. We don't normally put our children in boardings or hostels unless there is an acquaintance or relative staying. I think schools particularly ask for local guardians. Does it mean that they knew no one there?

The couple, it seems, left the ashram at 8.30 pm. Admission procedure, be it school or college, gets over by 2 or 3 pm. Fine, that the couple wanted to spend some more time with their children. But, were they the only parents around? Normally at such times, there is a buzz of parents and children.

The ashram is on the outskirts of the city and is at a forlon place. In the past few months there have been reports of rape and other such crimes in the particular area. How come no soul in the ashram thought of cautioning them? At such places you often come across some caring person! It is really difficult to believe this.

The ashram being situated at a secluded place must definitely be having a Guest House facility for parents. Or is there no such facility such as a Rest Room or Guest House at the ashram?
Hitching has always had its risks, be it India or anywhere. And taking a lift at night, that too at a place so isolated meant danger most certainly. How did the couple feel that it was all very safe?

Maybe things were to go wrong and that's why it all happened. But, I feel miserable for the young woman. Hope speedy justice is meted out to her. But somewhere I have this terrible feeling that the husband was somewhere involved. Of course I will be happy to be proved wrong. But there is one request I wish to make to all impulsive youngsters-'Please do not play with life'. Blaming police, law courts will not lead to turning back the clock. Rape is a living hell. It can destroy an entire household. Listening to parents and elders is sometimes a wise thing.