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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Hidden Talent

My beautician friend suffers from nervous pangs when her clients on visit don't speak. She feels, they are unhappy and will go elsewhere next time! She cites one such example of a client who would come regularly to her for a facial treatment, but not utter a single word. This despite all the talking going about. Just nothing seemed to amuse her- neither the filmy gossip nor the general happenings. " May be she is just plain and simple dull!" snapped an employee. My friend was not convinced. And one day it happened. A newly married girl dropped by. She was in a foul mood for not getting some recipe right. Dropping in at the parlour was a kind of diversion. That's when the lady started speaking. She asked the girl how she had gone about with the recipe. After listening patiently, she offered her some rectifying methods. It came out that the lady was a great cook, with several award winning recipes to her credit.

I have experienced this in my teaching profession too. Those students who show off or talk a lot are disastrous in exams and seminars. It is often the quiet ones that take you by surprise.

They don't fill pages and pages but give you interesting examples. I remember one journalism student writing on Women's Reservation Bill- " If they had wanted, they would have passed it long ago. The fact is nobody wants it!". (It was regarding the 33% reservation for women in the parliament). A real sharp observation from a young boy! At another time a girl explained what 'Interpersonal Conflict' was, when asked about it in Human Communication paper. "It's when I write to my dad for money. And he replies, wait for next month". What a sweet interesting explanation in the midst of boring stereotyped answers.

Naturally students like these score more marks than others. How come the loud talkers show poor wit and presence of mind at such times? Probably, they burn themselves out proving others stupid!
It's the case of, 'Empty vessels make more noise'. Or perhaps, ' Silent waters run deep!'