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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Sorry for the delay. I somehow had nothing to say. Things around me were happening all too fast leaving me breathless.
Just when I was looking hopefully at the new government, the Air- France plane crash shook me through and through.

There were however moments, when I felt upbeat. The results of competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT etc. had me thinking on so many issues! As a part- time copywriter I had a busy time writing ads to promote various coaching institutes. " Great Results" etc, etc. But that's my bread and butter. And so, I must say no more. However, I feel sorry that schools have got sidelined by coaching institutes. Further with meagre budget, every school has to think several times before releasing ads!

Alas, the result excitement was short lived. There was this terrible case of burglary in Indore, where a doctor couple was attacked in the night. While the husband died on the spot, the wife is in the hospital with serious injuries.
And so this is what Indore is now. In an attempt to acquire a 'metro look', the place has lost much of it's peaceful nature. The traffic has increased on roads. And the inhabitants have become as busy as their metro-counterparts. So much so, that talking on cell-phones has become the order of the day. Or is it a fixation? I know not. Naturally, this has led to several accidents. And while it has become a common practice to blame the youngsters of today for all the chaos on the roads, I of late found that 'my age' people were no better. Infact, I found my tribe people using mobiles more often on the roads.
And thus, much as I want the rains I am worried about what will happen during the rainy season! Especially with the road repairs being in full swing.
And so this is the phase I am going through. Confused and uncertain about everything around.