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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sandra Samuel- Christian saving Jew

I bow to you Sandra.
You may have worked for me once upon a time in Navy Nagar, Mumbai. But today, your single act of bravery has placed you far above me in the eyes of God as well as all of us.
In the last few years we have seen learned men such as engineers, doctors, etc., turning to terrorism in the eyes of religion. And, here we have you! Without batting an eyelid, you flung yourself to save an innocent baby. I am sure, the baby's parents' must be blessing you from somewhere up there. What an irony! The baby's parents were killed in the name of Palestine-"Remember, what happened in Palestine?" Showing in the process all hatred towards Jewism. And, you saved the innocent Jew baby in the name of christanity.
Indeed you have shown us all how bogus the education is today.
May you continue showing us the path of goodness and righteousness.
With best wishes to your family. Your son Sanu must be a strapping youth now. My son Udayan and Sanu were very good friends. You were fond of Udayan. In fact you always had a special fondness for kids.
Bless you Sandra