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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

26/11 Terror Attack

Oh, Civilization! Where are we?... Of what good is our education?

So many lives lost! And we have watched it all helplessly. I really wonder if I can sing that famous song of Pardes even if somebody tells me to-'I love my India(2)..'. No, I really can't! I really don't feel proud.

Nothing makes sense. The fact that the President continued with her foreign visit inspite of the insensitive carnage back home? The Kerala Chief Minister's egoistic and heartless retort! Not to forget the inappropriate remarks of some BJP leaders.

Neither can I understand why IB and other names are propping up now to state that they had advised the government on the need for stronger coastal guard . How can we sit smug after making an important suggestion?Should we not stress on its application?

May be, we should now have an official body who will undertake the responsibility of carrying out orders and suggestions made by various departments and offices.

I , however, salute - the NSG, the Fire Brigade, the Railway Police, the Local Police, the commandos, the GM of Taj, and all for saving the situation from getting worse. My salute to Sandra Samuel, the nanny of the 2 yr old baby. She had taken care of my children too at Navy Nagar, Mumbai about 12 years ago.