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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Senior Citizens

My week long holiday was great! In Delhi, I met my father who is now eighty, and in good health...Touch wood.
But I noticed something amidst it all. I found that the entire colony had aged. I happened to go to the chemist, and I found an old man quarrelling over pittance. I must appreciate the chemist who stayed calm through out. And finally also coming out with a solution. The scene took place in the afternoon. Maybe, son and daughter-in-law were both at work? That started my thought process . I noticed my father quite irritable at times. The same evening, I visited the temple that stood majestically in the colony. I met two acquaintances... aunties, basically, sitting on an old bench in the temple observing people around and also watching the children ( grand-children) playing. Well, that was a nice scene.
As I set out to return, I encountered 'irritable persons' yet again. They were my uncles who had been very active once upon a time! They seemed so unhappy now....unhappy with power breakdown, water scarcity, transport problem, insecurity, growing disrespect among children, etc., etc. But one thing was certain. Their suggestions were worth considering.
I found myself face to face with some hard realities that day-Firstly, life can be quite difficult after retirement, especially, if a person has been active and at a decisive position- today it is only men, but tomorrow it could be women as well.. Secondly, life was not going to be easy for me either unless I developed some preoccupation from now itself. Kudos to my aunts, then, for sure!

But then something more needs to done I guess. Frustration among old people can to some extent be checked if we seek their advice on problems of the society. May be we could come up with clubs for old citizens which could organize picnics, and some fun?
We do need to think on these lines.