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Friday, September 19, 2008

Guys! There is Hope.

Guys! There is Hope.

Like Abhhishek Bachchan in 'Bunty Aur Bubbly', I too believe that there are two kinds of people in this world. One-those who see hope everywhere. And Two- those who see red every time something happens.

Is it the fault of our education system or our upbringing? I leave it for the social scientists to decide.

But guys I feel miserable when a twenty something boys and girls develop nervous pangs just before a 20 marks test! And this at the post-graduate level, when they have 2 school board exams and at least 3 university exams behind them. I mean, at least, we should not get worked up over small thing such as these!

Yes, life sometimes poses a lot of hurdles and challenges. But then there is always a possibility of winning and attaining a new level of success. I thing working steadfast towards one's goal is the only solution. At such times I remember one of my friend's mother-in -law. In my 20 years of acquaintance I have never once seen her breaking down. Tall and upright, I have seen her with embroidery work even in her 50s, when most women at this age grapple with poor eyesight. Even now when she is in her seventies, she looks as bright as ever. That is - bright and optimistic . Is it the work of a good diet, genes or the gift of a rational mind? I leave it again for social scientists to decipher. But, she is my role model. If one has to speak of difficult moments and tragedies, she has faced them enough. Recently I chanced to meet her after many years. She was as usual happy and composed . And rightly so, somewhere she had proved useful in guiding her son and daughter-in- law in finding a nice match for their daughter. Again a lesson to be learnt! A composed mind works wonders.

I think I have always wanted to be like her. No wonder, when I felt miserable last week, I traced a nice design on a plain cloth that lay in the cupboard. I plan to start working on the embroidery at the earliest possible.

Thank you, auntie for showing the path of hope, and success. In all probability that is also a key to good physical and mental health.